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Welcome to PointOneRacing.com, your source for the latest news, insights, and analysis about the world of Formula 1 racing. We are a team of passionate F1 fans who love the thrill of the sport and enjoy delving into the technical details of these incredible machines.

Our blog was founded in 2019 by Lawrence Stroll, a long-time F1 enthusiast who raced go-karts competitively for over a decade. After years of following F1 closely and attending Grands Prix around the world, Lawrence Stroll wanted to share insights and commentary on the sport with fellow super fans.

At PointOneRacing, we strive to go beyond surface-level reporting and get into the nitty gritty of F1 technology, strategy, drivers, politics, and business. Expect deeply researched articles examining the details of car development, interviews with paddock insiders, behind-the-scenes event coverage, and data-driven analysis of team and driver performance trends.

Our small but mighty team brings experience in motorsport engineering, journalism, data analytics, photography and videography. We are dedicated to covering every angle of Formula 1 with passion, nuance, and insight you won’t find in the mainstream press. Whether you’re an armchair expert or industry veteran, we believe there is always a new perspective to explore about this ever-evolving sport.

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